Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Holiday Reading Renaissance

I didn't read quite as many books this year as I normally do (but I came pretty close).  However, December has been a good month for me.  During this vacation alone, I've finished The Death of Ivan Ilyich (Tolstoy), Walden (Thoreau), Lost Books of the Oddysey (Zachary Mason), and Swann's Way, Volume 1 of Proust's masterpiece In Search of Lost Time.  For icing on the cake, I've got a few more in flight.

No doubt this is partly due to having some free time to sit down and read.  But, I can't underestimate the "Kobo effect", which encourages me by giving rewards (think Xbox achievements or Playstation trophies), giving frequent discounts on ebooks, and giving me all kinds of statistics on my reading habits.

Hopefully I can carry this momentum into next year and will continue to read many books. 

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